Peter Mero is the new Managing Director of Blom Kartta


The managing director of Blom Kartta will change. The current managing director of the company will start working as a CEO & Secretary General of the Finnish Olympic Committee on 14th of August 2017. Peter Mero will start as a new managing director on 4th of September 2017.

“Mikko Salonen has done a great job in developing the sales and quality focus in Blom Kartta, which is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified Finnish company in this business”, Blom Kartta’s chairman of the board and CEO of the TerraTec group, Mr. Øivind Aase says.

”We are grateful for the effort he has done for the company and quite proud of having the new CEO and Secretary General for the Finnish Olympic Committee coming from our staff.”

The new managing director Peter Mero moves to Blom Kartta from Finkraft Oy where he has served as a managing director. He has experience from GIS industry when working in navigation and positioning focused companies Fastrax Oy and Navicore Oy.

”We were seeking a managing director with strong sales background and broad work experience to continue the work of Mikko Salonen. I trust Peter Mero can fast learn specialties of this industry and develop Blom Kartta even stronger player in the field of GIS”, Øivind Aase comments.

”I’m eagerly waiting challenges that Blom Kartta can offer. The unique history and belonging to the TerraTec group are providing a solid foundation for developing the business of Blom Kartta”, Peter Mero says.

The change of managing director has no effect on Blom Kartta’s business. Blom Kartta would like to be also in future the leading spatial data capturing, processing and modelling company in Finland that offers solutions to its clients various GIS needs.

For more information, please contact to: Chairman of The Board, Mr. Øivind Aase, +47 454 85 205